Real Estates

If the 20th century belonged to America, many expect that the 21st will be the Asian Century. Believers point to the exponential growth of Asia as urbanization and industrialization occur at rates never before seen in world history. Despite China’s economic slowdown, and associated negative impacts on neighbouring economic partners, structural trends in the region remain favourable. Region-wide GDP has nearly doubled since the turn of the milleninium, while GDP per capita has increased 64%. Robust economic growth has directly translated into strong demand for real estates from both occupiers and investors, increasing the quality of the stock and liquidity of the markets.

Asia’s real estate markets have witnessed a significant increase in liquidity since 2007 when transaction volume in the region totaled USD 273 billion and made up just 22% of global volume. In contrast, over the twelve months through 3Q 2015, transaction volume in Asia made up 37% of global volume and totaled USD 445 billion. Moreover, transaction volume in Asia was 63% higher than the 2007 level.

Hence, at Finbridge, we reaffirm our belief in Asian Century and we will continuously invest actively in development projects with good return of investments, launching more projects in South East Asia, especially in Malaysia which sees the market demand for real estate increases drastically due to the Belt And Road Initiatives that heavily influence the real estate market size due to the influx of investments from the Chinese Mammoth Real Estate Corporations such as Country Garden (USD 20.8 billion revenue in year 2016) and also Greenland Holdings Corp. Ltd (450 billion CNY revenue in the year of 2016) that are involved heavily in various mega projects in the Peninsular of Malaysia.