Who We Are?

At Finbridge Venture Capital Group we take venture capital personally. We choose to invest in fewer enterprises than most, but those entrepreneurs will certainly benefit from great support in building their game changing businesses. Finbridge chooses to normally invest in early stage technology companies that are at the forefront of a transformative opportunity for growth.

We have served as trusted advisors to some of the most successful and important


Food & Beverage

Property Development
Companies Nationwide

Our investments typically range in size from USD 250,000 proof-of-concept projects and seed financings to USD 20 million venture growth rounds.

Our Vision

For Our Shareholders and Their Investments

1. To provide competitive financial returns to shareholders.

2. To provide shareholders with access to various profitable private companies that they otherwise would not have access to.

3. To grow our capital base, from all sources, at a pace which is both steady and healthy.

For Our Investments

1. To generate returns of investment which maintain our performance among the best of crowd sponsored investment funds.

2. To include grade A companies in our featured companies to encourage all portfolio companies to strive to be ‘the best of sector’ on both financial and non-financial dimensions.

3. To be among the national leaders in returns and job creation per dollar invested in the South-East Asia venture capital industry.

Our Mission

We seek to be the pre-eminent private sector crowd-sponsored venture capital entity in the region by:

1. Providing competitive financial returns for shareholders through investments in various small-and medium-sized businesses from various trial-and-tested business model and financial sectors, to high potential technology and fintech companies to biotechnology companies.

2. Making capital available that can be used to implement business plans and support ongoing growth strategies.

Our Belief

Trusted Advisory

We believe that successful venture-backed companies are mostly built upon long-term trusted relationships among venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. We strive to be the most trusted advisor for the portfolio companies to achieve optimal understanding between both parties, involving both proactively and progressively to ensure successful partnerships that bear fruits.

Quality Partners

We have a diverse group of limited partners, including endowments, private foundations, fund of funds, public charitable organizations and corporate strategic investors. We make it a priority to understand  our limited partners’ missions and how our investment returns will support their long-term investment goals.

Early Stage Investment

We strongly believe that by involving early in venture-backed companies during their start-up phases or  right after seed-funding will allow venture-backed companies to achieve optimal growth. However, we are also involved in opportunistic later stage investments which we believe have venture capital level risk/return profiles.

Professional & Proactive Investment Team

We have a team of investment professionals that are open-minded, creative, flexible, experienced and well-networked. We believe in serving as a resource to support and guide entrepreneurial teams as they pursue their company vision.